street photography – frisco, tx

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I am attracted to photography, partially, for the ease with which it crosses over into the world of art. To catch a glimpse of the art in everyday surroundings, the photographer must remain the observer of the event, rather than the choreographer of it; he must remain on the sidelines, seeing, capturing the interplay of light and shadow, preserving the inner truth of each moment in time.

Black and white medium holds a special significance to me, as it almost succeeds in conveying an evocative, romantic feel of the decades past, when the summers were milder, the days – longer, the lines – simpler.

I hope this monochrome shoot in the mid-summer of 2017 in Frisco gives the viewer a glimpse of what I see: the incongruity and the duality of life, the perfect imbalance of darkness and light which is at the very foundation of the visual arts.

— N. Faulkner


  1. Really nice work – I always think of Frisco as “that suburb up north” – you bring out a whole new personality of the city.

    Thanks for sharing.

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