pig the pug – pet photography

Fine Art America

“Pig was a pug and I am sorry to say, he was greedy and selfish in most every way.”

Name: Pig
Breed: Pugzu (Pug and Shih Tzu)
Weight: 20 LBS at 5 months
Favorite Food: Cheese
Favorite Toy: Sock
Lens: Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM

“Pig was a pug and I am sorry to say, he would often tell lies just to get his own way. And when he would fib he was awfully clever, when Pig got in trouble, he would always blame Trevor.”

— Aaron Blabey ‘ Pig the Pug’

Pig the pug lives in Frisco, TX and is an aspiring young puppy model. Aside from eating cheese, his interests include chasing the flies, chewing the furniture, and begging to have a bath. Pig hopes to reach 30 pounds by the time he celebrates his first birthday next June.