the art of color burst photography

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Smoke Burst Session – $285

Nature can be an influential, often overpowering counterpart during a portrait session, its beauty rivaling and complementing your own. And if you are in the mood for something even more challenging, go for the unpredictably unique experience of working with a cloud of rapidly moving smoke.

One of our first experiences with color smoke grenades took place in Frisco, TX, in a breathtakingly beautiful field of yellow wildflowers. Prior to the shoot we paid a visit to the local PD to get permission to release what is essentially a set of cool, low-grade fireworks, and were pleased to discover that they had no objections to our color bursts, provided we wouldn’t disrupt a crowd (we didn’t).

The shoot was as challenging as we’d hoped, the duration of the burst much shorter, and the volume of the smoke much higher than anticipated, but the results were well worth it.

— I. Faulkner