at last – wedding photography, mckinney, tx

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Finding a photographer for your once in a lifetime event can be a daunting, downright scary task. After all, there will be no do-overs for every fleeting, precious moment of the day. Should you get two photographers? Do they consistently generate high quality images? Should you have a shot list ready, or is it better to leave your visuals to chance? Do you have friends who are offering to shoot your ceremony on their brand new iPhones? And as to the ceremony itself, should you have a connected, or a disconnected one?

Wedding Photography (4 Continuous Hours)$945

Wedding Photography (2 Continuous Hours)$595

Engagement Photography$245

There is no right or wrong way to conduct a wedding, as all of the decisions and choices arise from your personal preferences, however, it is very important to communicate them to your photographer.

Not unlike a writer with a distinctive voice, each photographer will have a unique style, an approach, that can impact the overall tone and look of the shoot. It is always a good idea to have them shoot a short portrait or engagement session with you. Your level of comfort during the test session, and the resultant images, will help you determine a way forward.

— I. Faulkner