Fine Art America

Ian and Natalia Faulkner live and work in North Texas. Their art, literature, and photography have been exhibited and published both locally and internationally. Their styles are diverse – Ian is more focused on candid photography, attempting to capture the unusual in the mundane; whereas Natalia explores low key and high contrast unscripted imagery, allowing her subject’s individuality to shape the flavor of the shoot. Both photographers enjoy the work of the legendary French street photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, and believe in his philosophy of letting the photo take you, instead of the reverse.

Every photograph is a certificate of presence
— Roland Barthes, ‘Camera Lucida’

Frisco Wedding Photography“We live in an age of extremes, but that is the essential dichotomy of modern Western life. Too much and yet, at the same time, not enough. It’s important, I feel, to seek a focus that grounds and connect us to our surroundings; we all achieve it in different ways, and as an artist, I sometimes find it in a hidden splash of color, in the vivid blink of the eye.”

— I. Faulkner




“I am attracted to photography, partially, for the ease with which it crosses over into the world of art. To catch a glimpse of the art in everyday surroundings, the photographer must remain the observer of the event, rather than the choreographer of it; he must remain on the sidelines, seeing, capturing the interplay of light and shadow, preserving the inner truth of each moment. Black and white medium holds a special significance to me, as it almost succeeds in conveying an evocative, romantic feel of the decades past, when the summers were milder, the days – longer, the lines – simpler.”

— N. Faulkner