Low Key

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In nature, wind can be an incredible sculptor – without intelligent guidance, it still employs everything from snow to sand or even water to create unimaginable beauty. With that in mind I try to use light to sculpt bodies to hopefully the same effect. Light is that wonderful medium photographic artists use to sculpt a human body, to give contours and shapes, patterns and textures where none before existed. It brings order from the chaos, or sometimes chaos from the order, but all with a striking effect.

High contrast and low key photography lends itself beautifully to extraordinary portraiture and other classic family shots you would normally attempt outdoors. It took multiple LED light sources emitting continuous, undiffused light in 5,200K – the color of daylight, to generate this image of Ian above.

With the current widespread popularity of boudoir photography and other techniques that celebrate the honest beauty of the human form in its entirety, also consider the low key approach as a subtler, artsier alternative.