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Creating visual art for the love of it, is the motivation, the ethos, that drives Prime Concept Art & Photography. We are greatly inspired by Kurt Vonnegut, who encouraged all expressions of art in order to “experience becoming.”

Our photography focuses on dynamic high-contrast imagery and low-key photography; we use 5200K high wattage LED lighting to achieve that effect. High contrast and low key photography lends itself beautifully to extraordinary portraiture. With the current widespread popularity of many visual techniques that celebrate the honest beauty of the human form in its entirety, also consider the low key approach as a subtler, artsier alternative.

Wedding Photography (4 Continuous Hours)$945

Wedding Photography (2 Continuous Hours)$595

Low Key Session (Indoor)$385

Low Key Maternity Session (Indoor)$325

Engagement Session$245

Portrait Session$185

Family Session$285

We are attracted to photography, partially, for the ease with which it crosses over into the world of art. To catch a glimpse of the art in everyday surroundings, the photographer must remain the observer of the event, rather than the choreographer of it; he must remain on the sidelines, seeing, capturing the interplay of light and shadow, preserving the inner truth of each moment. Black and white medium holds a special significance to us, as it almost succeeds in conveying an evocative, romantic feel of the decades past, when the summers were milder, the days – longer, the lines – simpler.

You will receive a download link no later than 48 hours after your session. Each one hour of shooting time may generate as many as 100 images. Please contact us to discuss your project and the possibility of merging your personal vision with our artistic interpretation of it.